How to have a sales army to sell your products or services

How to have a sales army to sell your products or services

If your business is a small one and you wear most, if not all, the hats then the title of this email must sound odd to you. You’re probably wondering how you’d be able to afford to hire a sales army.

There really is a win-win situation here.

You simply set up an affiliate program and allow others to sell your products for you. You pay them a commission, often 50% but it could be whatever percentage you want, when they make sales.

Otherwise, you pay them nothing.  They are not employees so you don’t have to worry about payroll, insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, etc. Yet they will work hard to sell your products because it means money to them when they make sales.

Yes, your earnings will be less than when you sell the product yourself, but to be honest, you can only reach a fraction of the market by yourself.

That’s why I call affiliates a sales army. Just imagine the potential if *each one* of the affiliate reaches as many customers as you could?  I think I hear the ca-ching of many cash registers!

There are step-by-step instructions floating around the web, some with great info and others that leave out crucial pieces, about how to set up an affiliate program.

It will require an affiliate software program (I’ve got recommendations) and some “tools” for your affiliates to use.  Sound interesting?  I can explain it better when you contact me.

Jean Young

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